Trekking In The Jungle

Forget the world beyond these mountains, become “like the native Gauchos” while adventuring in their yungas environment, and immerse yourself in a botanical paradise.

Your tailormade excursion takes place in and around the reserve and its neighbouring regions. The wilderness trekking can last from a couple of hours to 3 days. For example to the summit of the Santa Barbara ranges, going through all the different changing levels of the Yungas, or a trekking to the 60 m high waterfall of the Pedregoso. This is a stream of high quality water so why not refresh yourself in this pure and clean natural pool?

When the excursions take more than one day, the first night will be spent at a mountain cabin, a second night will be spent in tents.

All transport, information and food during the tour is included: morning tea, lunch, and dinner. The tour is also suitable for less experienced trekkers. Just bring your personal equipment like a sleeping bag, camera and binoculars.

For a truly immersive experience, consider adding a horseback ride with local gauchos to your itinerary. This will provide an authentic and unique perspective of the local culture and landscape.

Please contact us now to discuss all the tour options so we can tailor-made your adventure.