— Answer the Call of Nature! —

Start your beautiful journey into the heart of the stunning jungle (Yungas). Explore our surrounding provincial nature reserve Las Lancitas and you will understand why we help to protect this special paradise place!

We are in the Santa Bàrbara district, on the oriental side of the Andes, it`s a sub Andean, small locality called Villa Monte, also known as San Rafael, (this name is from one of the first farms here) It is a picturesque place, surrounded by nature.

Come to stay in our lodges and know our reserve!

Stay in Our Rustic and Comfortable Lodges

If you are longing for peace and quiet then our cabins will provide the perfect accommodation to unwind and relax. Set in a secluded valley in the hamlet Villa Monte (also known as San Rafael) you will feel as if time has stood still. You will experience the lifestyle that has been appreciated by generations: pure, close to nature where kids and animals can still roam freely and every day offers a new beautiful beginning. Choose and book one of the three Lodges that speaks to you and let your country dreaming become real!

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