How to arrive

Please follow the directions below if you are coming by car or check Google maps on your smartphone. If you arrive by bus we can arrange a pick-up in Palma Sola.

Ecoportal de Piedra is located on Provincial Route Nº6 at Villa Monte, San Rafael, near San Pedro and San Salvador de Jujuy and Salta is the closest big city.
If you are driving by car from the direction of San Salvador de Jujuy or from Salta (both have airports), you must first drive to San Pedro on National Route 34. A few kilometers before you reach that city, you take a right turn onto provincial route Nº1, which is just before a level crossing and about 500 meters before the bridge of the Rio Grande. Continue on route Nº1 until crossing the bridge of the river Lavallén, immediately followed by a crossroads. Both roads can take you to Ecoportal de Piedra:

• The one to the left continues along route Nº1 until you arrive at the crossing of the provincial route Nº6 indicating the direction to Palma Sola. Take route Nº6 and follow the sign to Villa Monte, El Fuerte. You will pass through the town of Palma Sola. This road is almost all paved, except for the last 14 km after passing Palma Sola when it turns into a gravel road. You will see a large sign of Ecoportal de Piedra on the left of the road when you arrive.

• The road to the right takes you to the town of Santa Clara, where on the main avenue you must find the junction with the provincial route Nº6 that will take you to Ecoportal de Piedra via a scenic gravel road with beautiful landscapes and views. You will pass through El Fuerte first, then Villa Monte and on the right side of the road you will find a sign indicating Ecoportal de Piedra.
During Summer it is advised to consult us first if this road that passes through El Fuerte is passable and if a 4WD vehicle is needed after rainfall. El Fuerte is a small town located 18km from Ecoportal de Piedra.

From Calilegua or Libertador General San Martin, you don’t need to return to San Pedro, you must continue by the National 34 till you find a right turn to the Provincial N:1, that you will follow to the Prov. Route N:6 that brings you to Ecoportal de Piedra, passing through Palma Sola


Buses leave from San Salvador, via San Pedro. A bus trip will take up most of your day. Your stop will be in Palma Sola where we can pick you up. The Empresa Argentina bus to Palma Sola leaves San Pedro, and San Salvador four times a day.

We recommend that you contact us before embarking on the trip so we can advise you on seasonal road conditions and how to best get here .