4wd Excursions

Give yourself the thrill of a fun 4WD excursion and hop into our Land Rover Defender or a UTV! We will tailormade the eco-tour to your wishes as much as we can based on your interests and your available time.

We offer short excursions of an hour or as long as you want, even for several days, and for the more adventurous we can combine several tours such as a 4WD with a hike on trails you would normally not find on your own.

We offer all kinds of excursions in the area or towards the Chaco region, known for its abundant flora and fauna that we will be happy to inform you about.

The bird watching tours take place by 4WD as well and these excursions focus on the species you would like to discover and your available time.

Please contact us now to discuss your tour details!